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Saturday, 11 February 2017

All Sacrifice is Self-Sacrifice

When I met you [You were afraid] 
When I met you [She stole your heart] 
I was The Walking Dead [She tore you down] 
I was kicked in the head [She tore you down] 
It was such a time [When I met you] 
It was such a time [When I met you] 
I was crushed inside [When I met you] 
I was torn inside 
When I met you 
When I met you 
I was too insane 
Could not trust a thing 
I was off my head 
I was filled with Truth 
It was not God's Truth 
Before I met you 

"It was to be trampled on by men that I was born into this world. It was to share men's pain that I carried my cross."

If you experience fear, and palpable existential terror whilst viewing and participating in the below scene, you are experiencing sacrifice.

To empathise with the victim of human sacrifice, to know his sense of terror and experience the horror of his death is to become the victim;

One cannot sacrifice The Other - only that which is of The Self.

Hence, the mass human sacrifices of the latter Aztec Empire did not work - they were trying to sacrifice other people to save themselves, rather than a volunteer or willing participant to the sacrifice, entered into with Fully Informed Consent.

" Very few readers of the Golden Bough have pierced Sir Prof. Dr. Frazer's veil of euphemism and surmised the exact method used by Isis in restoring life to Osiris, although this is shown quite clearly in extant Egyptian frescoes. 

Those who are acquainted with this simple technique of resurrecting the dead (which is at least partially successful in all cases and totally successful in most) will have no trouble in skrying the esoteric connotations of the Sacred Chao— or of the Taoist yin-yang or the astrological sign of Cancer. 

The method almost completely reverses that of the pentagrams, right or left, and it can even be said that in a certain sense it was not Osiris himself but his brother, Set, symbolically understood, who was the object of Isis's magical workings. 

In every case, without exception, a magical or mystical symbol always refers to one of the very few* variations of the same, very special variety of human sacrifice: the "one eye opening" or the "one hand clapping"; and this sacrifice cannot be partial— it must culminate in death if it is to be efficacious. 

The literalmindedness of the Saures, in the novel, caused them to become a menace to life on earth; the reader should bear this in mind. 

The sacrifice is not simple. It is a species of cowardice, epidemic in AngloSaxon nations for more than three centuries, which causes most who seek success in this field to stop short before the death of the victim. 

Anything less than death—that is, complete oblivion—simply will not work.** 

(One will find more clarity on this crucial point in the poetry of John Donne than in most treatises alleging to explain the secrets of magick.) 

* Fewer than seventy, according to a classical enumeration. 

 ** The magician must always identify fully with the victim, and share every agonized contortion to the utmost. 

Any attitude of standing aside and watching, as in a theatrical performance, or any intellectualization during the moments when the sword is doing its brutal but necessary work, or any squeamishness or guilt or revulsion, creates the twomindedness against which Hagbard so vehemently warns in Never Whistle While You're Pissing. 

In a sense, only the mind dies.